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Dunkirk Little Ship - Deal Hoveller
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This is a reduction linoprint - I don't know how many colours I printed in the end! Soldiers are being ferried from the beaches of Dunkirk, to a waiting destroyer by the 'Lady Haig', a Deal hoveller. She was an open boat, only 27 feet long, built in the 1930s for the landlord of the 'Port Arms' in Deal. She was an unlicensed pilot and lifeboat, but in May 1940 she was towed across the Channel to Dunkirk, where she successfully rescued soldiers of the Grenadier Guards from its beaches. She was badly damaged during her work, but survived to be towed back to Deal.

Underpainted reduction woodblock print
Print size:19x27cm
Edition size: 10
Signed: N Vowls

Price: 70.00


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